Coaching and Assessments


Either in a group setting or one on one, coaching and assessments can help you to build your plan, overcome challenges, and achieve your goals.

You may want just three sessions to plan towards achieving a specific goal or a series to support a larger change.  Once your needs are clarified, a plan can be developed just for you and your team.


Typical Clients:

New Managers

People in transition

College students

Career seekers

New business planning 

Targeted achievement of specific goals

Faith Leaders

Assessments offered:


Energy Leadership

Team Surveys

Professional Development / Training


Every now and then individuals, teams or organizations need realignment.  Sometimes what's needed is support during formation or a change initiative.  

Professional development programs lend revitalization, a common language and platform for collaboration, understanding and success.

Here are just a few of our programs:

Customer Service

New Managers Series

Communication Skills

Project Management Tools

Leadership and Critical Thinking Skills

 Team Building & Facilitation 

Time Management 

Sustainable Business Practices 

Facilitated Round Table Discussions

Values, Mission and Vision

Mental Health and Addiction

 Programs are customized to meet the needs of your business.

Consulting and Growth


Whether you are looking to start a new business, create an additional service, or are facing growth or change, collaborating with a professional consultant will provide tools, insights, support and accountability measures so that you can manage effectively and efficiently as you move forward into your goals.

Services Include:

 Needs Assessments

Change or Growth Management

Community Engagement

Sales Process Improvement

Pre-Program Consultation and Development Sessions 

Post program review and ROI

Assessment Information

Certified Professional Coaching and Assessments


The DiSC Behavior Preference Assessment, 

The Energy Leadership Index

And Team Surveys

One on one and group coaching can include various assessments provided by certified facilitators such as the Energy Leadership Index and the DiSC Behavior Preference Profile.

Professionally, coaching can help you to clarify and work toward your goals.  It can also can expedite and smooth the process as you work towards them, contemplate a change, career search, act as a caregiver, manage mental health or addiction issues.

The DiSC Behavior Preference Assessment and Energy Leadership Index are just two of many tools used in coaching and professional / personal development.  Our initial consultation will help to guide which assessment is right for you.

DiSC Behavior Preference Assessment and Profile

The DiSC Behavior Preference Assessment and Profile helps individuals identify their own behavioral style and recognize the behavioral style of others.

It describes behavioral styles using a combination of four behavioral tendencies: Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Consciousness.

This assessment is a learning tool that helps individuals learn of the richness of behavioral diversity.  All people have some characteristics of each of the four styles. Each style also has unique goals, fears, and potential limitations. When styles are understood, valued & appreciated for their unique contribution, we can reduce stress and conflict and improve communions; thus, creating greater cooperation and productivity.

The Energy Leadership Index  

The purpose of the Energy Leadership Index is to be used as a tool to increase self-awareness, to learn about the 7 levels of energy and where you are in relation to each, to identify your thoughts feelings, beliefs and actions at each level, to leverage that awareness to improve or maintain your energy level, to explore the filters through which you view life and to help you to consciously decide your energy level. 

The Energy Leadership Index assessment can help to reveal the filters through which you view life and how those filters influence your behavior, results and relationships.  

With this added self-awareness comes an increase in empathy for yourself and towards others and through the debrief and subsequent coaching you can develop strategies and tools for strengthening your relationship and meeting your goals with clarity and confidence.

The use of various team surveys can help to identify areas that when addressed can help to optimize your teams performance.